Latin Passion

Latin Passion

Jordi Caballero and Miles Copeland present  LATIN PASSION

An explosive feast of Latin dance with the sultry sexiness of Tango, the passionate fire of Flamenco and the exciting pizazz of Salsa. This journey into the soul of Latin dance culture captivates audiences through the universal language of dance and storytelling to its finest- winning smiles and warming hearts along the way. LATIN PASSION features world class Latin dance entertainers in a spice filled show of color, great music and consummate skill. LATIN PASSION is truly intoxicating and will bewitch audiences with an unforgettable theater experience.

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This gritty and emotional Television Drama is a window into the tense balance of life at the Mexican-American Border. Its always-changing mix of violence and hope and its rich bicultural identity will find a crossing point in this story about people trying to survive while saving other people's lives.

  • Target audience: The $1 trillion dollar Latino USA/Mexican market
  • Key demographic: Ages 18-35
  • Language: 2 versions
    • Spanish
    • English plus some dialogue in Spanish, subtitled to English as needed.
This television series intends to embrace the values and culture of its target audience in a way that's both uniquely authentic, modern, and relevant.